Good. Better. Best. Our new site design.

Our site is about finding the best, but we also want to make sure we offer the best experience we can.

After a few months of BETA testing our first site design, we’ve launched our new look and feel and built on what we’ve learned so far.

We launched originally with the goal of helping people connect with great food and restaurants that deserve our support.

There are so many hidden gems or favourites out there for every person you talk to, it seems everyone has a food map in their heads.

So we knew a site that helped you focus on the food that was memorable and shareable was needed.

And this year has really shown how we need to support the businesses we love.

The restaurant industry was already under siege from delivery businesses squeezing their already tight margins, and then came the COVID shutdowns.

The kind of great food experiences we all take for granted have become increasingly hard to deliver, and we’re all the poorer for that.

So we launched trying to connect the dots between the food people love, and the restaurants, shops and food stalls that create them.

Our original site let users browse over 100 categories of food, post and rank their own favourite dishes and create lists of any food combination they enjoy.

To keep focussed on the best, anything posted can only be ranked between 3 and 5 stars.

And we‘ve some amazing food lovers embrace the idea
Check out the amazing food posted by Super Alex or orange_tree_au , our first two foodies to post over 100 dish recommendations. They are awesome at finding great food.

And also check out the delicious range of Singapore food from thequirkyfoodie , the best Bacon and Egg rolls around the world from FlavourQuest , and the beautiful photos and discoveries of Sydney-based Liv_sy
Having amazing food lovers like this group join our site showed us we were on the track, but we also heard from them about what else they needed.

We spoke to foodies, restaurateurs and chefs to plan the next stage of our site.

And it’s now live.

As well as a sharper look and feel, on you can now:

  • Pick a city from our homepage drop down to focus in on just one place
  • Search for your favourite food by category and location
  • Scroll through a full feed of food and lists being added to the site
  • Find and follow other foodies to create your own specific feed of site activity
  • Filter your own or any one else’s food posts by city or food category

Plus much more.

So please enjoy the new version of the site, let us know at questions if you have any ideas, issues or requests.

And post, save, follow and share with other food lovers.

Let’s find the best together and support our favourite places in the process.

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