How to create, save and share lists on

Lists are the most powerful part of our site.

To save and remember those excellent dishes you read about on a food blog, or to put together a recommended hit list for your next trip overseas, or to let a friend know where to eat while they are in town, lists are the way to do it.

Here’s the really simple way you can create, save and share those lists on,  and replace those browser bookmarks or Notes file you have now.

You need to Sign Up or Log In


Login ScreenYou must be signed up to the site so your profile can store the food you want to remember.


Click on the Plus (+) symbol to start a list


Click the PlusEvery item image in the site has a circle with a (+) symbol on it. This is when the items are listed as they are in the image to left, or when you click into the full item details. Just click on that icon to either start a new list with that item as the first listing, or to add that item to an existing list.


The pop up lets you add to an existing list, or create a New list straight away


In this image you can see I have three existing lists, and by clicking on them the item I have selected is added immediately to that list. Or I can click on the green bar and easily create a new list.


Create and name a new list with one click


When you click to add a new list, simply write the name of the list and click save and your list is immediately created with the item you selected.


Head to your My Profile to edit or share your lists


Edit ListsClick in the top navigation to go to your My Profile page, and scroll down to the section where your lists are laid out for easy access. Click on a list there to share it, or to rename it or remove items. 


You can access your lists at any time with the Quick Lists button 


Quick ListsYou don’t need to go into My Profile to quickly view your lists, just click on the QUICK LISTS button at the top of the item column.


When you do, it looks like this 


Quick ListsSo you can quickly reference that next item on your hit list!


For some ideas on what kinds of lists to create, click through to the next blog here.


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