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We hope this site is easy and intuitive to use, but here are the basics of what you can do on let’s anyone post, find or share food that they love. Unlike regular food websites which are about listing every single thing under the sun, we’re here to help you highlight and share the best.

On this site you can:


Home ScreenAll food items are tagged at their location on our map.

Allow the site to use your location, or move the map to the area you want to search and hit the “REDO SEARCH IN MAP” button to reset the search to a new area.

Results will appear underneath the map on mobile, or to the left of the map on desktop.

Click on a dish to read about it, rate it or share it.

You can filter the food displayed on the map by:

    • Typing the category of food you want in the “Search by Category” box (if we don’t have that category you can suggest it)
    • Clicking on one or more of the carousel of options at the bottom of the map. You can choose filters for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks or Drinks, and click the icon you want displayed.
    • Clicking on the Advanced Filter Button, which lets you select any combination of all the categories available on our site.


SignUpIn order to add your own food, rate other food posts, create and share your lists, you need to create a profile.

It’s as simple as registering your email address and choosing a Display Name. Your Display Name (and profile pic) can be whatever you want.

You can carve out a name for yourself as a food expert. Want to be known for reviewing tacos in Tokyo? Here’s your chance. Call yourself TokyoTacoQueen and find, eat, rate, list and share the best Tacos as defined by you.

Once you have a profile you can unlock one of the best features of, our lists.

To read about how to use lists, click here.

For some ideas on what kind of lists to create, click here.  

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