Best Steaks in Sydney

Steak is simply the go to for me. Not that I think I’m unusual in that.

A quick pub meal, a long leisurely lunch, an intimate late night meal. More often than not I’m drawn to the meatier end of the menu where words or phrases such as prime, grain, grass-fed or on-the-bone convince me I’m headed in the right direction.

Which is why one of the first lists I put together on this site when we built it was my best steaks across the city.

But the experience, or the expectation, can be as much a part of the meal as the actual meat, and why I’m sure my list will be different from yours.

My habits, where I hang out, my favourite pubs, all influence my list. Which is why we built this site.

So have a read through, click on my list to see the dishes and save some to try yourself, and if you make a steak list yourself, please post a link to it in the comments below so I can try out your hidden gems or obvious favourites.

Bistecca Alla Fiorentina

I’m convinced they had me in mind when they launched this place. Named for their flagship T-Bone dish, the idea of knowing very simply what you will serve and serving it to perfection is hugely satisfying. It’s not cheap, but for a serious steak dining experience, you can’t go past it.

The Cut Bar & Grill

Having a steak and getting a pleasant surprise as to the way it is prepared and presented is always enjoyable. I’ve had plenty of fairly interchangeable options in the past. But this Prime Rib Steak at the Cut was something new and worth the visit. Supremely tender and dripping in taste, marbled beautifully, it was a more than worthwhile visit, and return visit, and return long lunch.

The Oaks Hotel

I’m biased here because it’s my local but The Oaks has a long history of steak goodness. Originally a cook your own venue, they saw the light and now you can select from a range of great cuts cooked to order. The  T-bone is clearly a top pick for me, with the tasty and tender elements combining nicely along with a pepper or mushroom sauce and a pale ale. A regular.

The Meat & Wine Co Barangaroo

Efficient and always spot on, the Rib Eye on the Bone here is seemingly designed for the business lunch. Always served impeccably and efficiently, the tender juicy meat with thick cut chips is an excellent offering. An excellent selection for that lunchtime CBD effort.

Rag & Famish Hotel

Perched upstairs at a North Sydney pub, this is a genuinely old school establishment, tucked away for that more leisurely lunch with friends or associates. A succulent chunk of steak in a traditional jus, a potato stack alongside, and a glass of red, and the combo works very well . 

If you’ve tried these before, click through to my list and rate them. If you haven’t, let me know what you think when you do. And please share your own best Steak lists below so I can build a hit list.

2 Thoughts on “Best Steaks in Sydney”

  1. Toni Rose Carey says:

    They all look so yum. Im a big fan of meat! The one from The Meat & Wine Co Barangaroo, looks and sounds amazing.

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