Simply the Best Burgers in Sydney (plus a couple further out), with @x_ray_mike

Burgers are more trendy, complex and tasty than ever – and I love it – but if you want the best burger going around you might have to go old school.

I say this as someone who has smashed more burgers in the state of New South Wales in Australia than almost anyone you’ll find.

By my count I’m at something like 400 (?) different Burgers, and that doesn’t count the second, third, fourth and fifth visits to the good ones.

And when the guys at hit me up and twisted my arm on the best of the best, I could narrow the field quite quickly to my top ten or so, but then actually picking my best burger to make a list was hard.

So I’m actually cheating a bit here.

The Burger I’m going to point you at first is the Best Cheeseburger in the state. Then I’ll add a few more burgers for my burger hit list.

Cheeseburgers are simplicity and perfection for a Burger man like me. Bun, patty, cheese, and not too much else to confuse the issue.

So let’s talk about the Best Cheeseburger, and then I’ll tip you into some more adventurous efforts that you should absolutely target and add to a Best Place For List yourself.

I said it was old school, because I absolutely did not expect the burger I ate when I pulled into Joe’s Milk Bar on the NSW South Coast.

If you’re heading south, you have to take a quick detour off the Princes Highway in Albion Park and into the Woolworths car park where the unassuming surrounds hide burger brilliance.

Soft bun, melt-in-your-mouth patty, and a wicked cheese cover.



Cheese Burger-Joe’s Milkbar-issac_eatsalot

Outstanding. Click through to check it out here (it was already posted on the site!) and add it to a list of your next targets, then come back and check out the rest of my list.

And now, in no particular order, here’s the rest of my first Best Place For burger hit list (and they’re all here in my Best Sydney Burgers list):


It’s the one with the Maple Syrup Bacon. This is the place, and this is the burger I bring any friends from out of town or overseas for. They do a great job of varying the menu here and trying to innovate with flavours, though the Blame Canada is in a class of its own. If you are in the Sydney CBD, this is THE best burger you have to try. (Note, this one isn’t my pic. Reposted courtesy of the Bar Luca Instagram page)


Single Bush Burger Cheeseburger from Bush Sydney in Redfern

A bit of a legend amongst the burger mad, Bush have their own unique pink sauce drizzled over perfectly smashed patties and cheese. I actually think they tweaked their beef blend recently to raise it a notch in case you’ve been there before, so go again. And this was neck and neck with Joe’s for me.


Soft and sturdy Martin rolls are hard to beat, and juicy patties with that ridiculous Cheese melt were just so good that I could break my double patty limit rule.  The sauce is amazing too.  What a combination.


This Katsu Burger really nails the Japanese flavours and is a fresh and light change up from the heavier beef patties. Fantastic atmosphere up on the Northern Beaches as well.


It’s the stuff dreams are made of that a van could pull up anywhere and hand over top notch burgers, and Mister Gee’s nails it. This 2.0 version of the GEE O.D. is anything but a burger overdose. Clean and tasty, awesome beef and cheese enhanced by the confit AND mayo AND gravy. Settle in for this one.

This is making me hungry and also making me remember all the other great Burgers around town.

In the end, there are a lot more I could add to this list as we’re blessed with burger choice, so comment below if there are burgers I should try, or that you rate, and create a list for the rest of us to see.

Next up, the best sides to have with your burger!

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  1. says:

    Best cheeseburger in the state is a big call. I’m going to get a few of the guys together and take a trip down there to give it a go.

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