Time to deliver – Adding delivery details

The impacts of the COVID crisis have also highlighted how tough the restaurant game is when it comes to delivery.

As restaurants have battled to stay alive, there’s been a lot of focus, and back and forth, on the percentages that delivery services take out of the cost of a delivered meal.

For some restaurants it’s a huge chunk of the revenue they rely on, for others it’s a manageable cost for a portion of a larger revenue pool.

Item CardSo we’ve added the ability for a restaurants’ best delivery information to be added, whatever it is.

When you click on the delivery icon you will either see the delivery details that the restaurant prefers, or you’ll have the ability to send us a message with what details to add.

No matter how specific those details may be (such as delivery only available every Tuesday via the website), we’ll verify them and add them in. 

So just click on the delivery icon on any Food Item, send us the best delivery details, and we’ll verify and add them in.

Then when you share your lists or dishes with friends, you’ll know you’re supporting the business the best way possible.

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