The Best Noodles and Dumplings in Sydney and Asia by Andrew Nguyen @asianfoodninja

I enjoy plenty of different food, but I had to do a special story just on Noodles and Dumplings because there really is nothing like them for an endless journey through flavour, texture and method.

I just love Noodles, whether they’re instant and thrown in a pot for a few minutes to dress up, or it’s a famous regional dishes, there’s always something different to find about them, and Dumplings are up there too. 

For broad noodle types I enjoy many different cuisines like:

Vietnamese “Pho” – I can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Chinese Spicy Potato Noodles – the Sichuan style spicy hit and numbing effect is addictive (check this version out)

  Cantonese Dry Egg Noodles  – topped off with BBQ Roast Meats

  Thai “Pad Kee Mao” – delicious as they are or go for the Spicy Drunken Noodles and Boat Noodles

  Japanese Ramen and Udon – specifically I like the dipping versions of “Tsukemen” where you dip into a bold and flavourful Broth

Korean “Bibim Naengmyeon” – such a different experience with their cold spicy buckwheat Noodles.

Singapore and Malaysian “Char Kway Teow” – delicious wok Fried Rice Noodles and Laksa.

Just writing those different styles down doesn’t start to touch on the different experiences you can have with Noodles, so creating a list of my favourites was ridiculously hard. But here we go for my Noodle Hit List.

My all time favourite Noodle dish was in Singapore at “A Noodle Story”. This one hits differently because of the mixture of Asian Culture in just one bowl. Love the flavour and textures. 

  The best cheap and amazing noodle dish was in Taiwan Taipei where I had the handmade and limited Wonton and Spicy Noodles at 美景川味. It’s hard to find, but when you do you will want more since it is addictive. The texture you’ll enjoy is definitely not your every day average Wonton, and the tasty fillings will make you want to eat more than your stomach can handle. Plus that addictive Chilli Oil. (Bonus, since we are in Taiwan I would also say if you love pepper, these signature Black Pepper Buns are amazing, fresh crispy wood fire Baked Buns with Pepper, Shallots and Pork filling. Be careful when consuming it as it will burn you with hot meaty juices.)

Now let’s run through a few more in the list which started with Singapore above, that you have to try: 

A Noodle Story – Singaporean Ramen 5/5

  Thai Pad Kee Mao “Drunken Noodles”  in Sydney 5/5 

  Ichiran Ramen in Nagoya 5/5

Vietnamese Pho (Southern Style) in Western Sydney 5/5

  Chinese bao noodles (Flat noodles) in Sydney  5/5

I’ve given them scores and saved them to my Best Noodles list here, but really, it is so hard to compare the different Noodle experiences as they are so diverse.

Every time I enter a new Noodle restaurant, I’m ready for a new experience, but that doesn’t mean of course I don’t go back and hit my old favourites as well.

And speaking of favourites, I’ll leave you with two more gems.

If you’re into Dumplings as well, firstly the best Pan Fried Dumplings have to go to ‘Yangs Dumplings’ in Sydney.

Juicy with intense meaty flavours, Yangs nails it every time.

And for Xiao Long Bao and Wonton, you can’t go past ‘Din Tai Fung’ as their flavours and texture are consistently good and the chilli soy sauce is addictive. I seriously can eat 24 pieces in one sitting. 

Post a comment below if there’s some noodles or noodles that you think I must try, or make your own list!

 And in case you missed it, here’s my first story on the Best Steak and Beef in Sydney and Tokyo.



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