The Best Steak and Beef from Sydney to Tokyo by Andrew Nguyen @asianfoodninja

I know other people will travel for the sights or cultural experiences, but when you follow me on Instagram you need to know that I travel for one reason: food. My travel # are usually #AFNinTokyo #AFNinTaipei #AFNinSG .. etc

I research where to go and what to eat, and that effort I put in is paid back massively with some of the magnificent food experiences I’ve had by myself and with friends.

I can even remember one friend crying because the dinner we had at my favourite chef’s pop up restaurant was so good. Heston Blumenthal is a genius and I was lucky enough to win that ballot for an unforgettable experience where science meets food when he popped up a restaurant in Melbourne. Amazing.

But I do eat a wide variety and I’ve posted an enormous amount, so when the guys at Best Place For asked me to pick some of my favourites, it was not an easy task.

If you already follow me you’ll know you won’t see any Seafood in my choices, because I’m allergic, and one of my major passions is Noodles and Dumplings.

But I’ve put a separate story together on Noodles specifically (read that story here) because they are endlessly different and delicious.

Here I want to cover some of my favourite Steak and Beef dishes, and I’ll link to a couple that were amazing overseas before I give you my list for Australian Beef experiences. 

The best thing that I have ever tried and which I am dying to have again is A5 Wagyu beef in Japan.

From Gyukatsu, Shabu Shabu, Teppanyaki, Gyudon and more, the ways to taste this heavenly meat are many. And when I made the effort to go to Japan I had to try the best.

The most amazing fine dining experience was at Narisawa in Tokyo, A5 Wagyu Beef, but you might need to save up for that one. That cost me over $1,000. 

But it’s not always about cost either. The cheapest I found for Wagyu of this standard was Gyukatsu Motomura which was very satisfying for only $25.  

But back here in Sydney, you should try these dishes in my Best Beef in Sydney list which includes Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Western styles.


And I know not everyone eats meat so here’s something for the Vegetarians and Vegans out there.

The best Vegan I’ve found is at ‘The Little Turtle’ in Newtown.

It’s Vegan Thai food and if you’ve never had vegan food before then try this place, but fair warning, do not expect all Vegan food to taste this good. Full of flavours and great variety, it’s a must visit, and make sure you try the Pineapple Fried Rice, rice noodle roll, curry and tom yum soup

Get out there and try them and any other local business that looks good, particularly right now as COVID hits them all. Order takeaway as well so we can keep all these great places afloat.

My hit list for when I can travel again is growing, and I can’t wait to get out there. Melbourne’s Attica is on my list in Australia, but Europe is my next big effort and I intend to hit the Michelin starred restaurants.

I have over 30 places I have to visit for their signature dish and a lot of saving to start to get to them all!

Time to find out what each restaurant is the Best Place For.


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