The promise to restaurants

The food game is a labour of love.

But we’re well aware there can be a lot of labour, and not enough love.

It’s a business of huge customer expectations, tight margins and a constant need to deliver at high quality.

And it seems like every business out there is looking to take a bite out of you.

Which is why we’re different.

We’re not like a restaurant listings site that lets the trolls run rampant, we just want to highlight what you’re great at.

We’re not like the delivery apps that want to take a massive chunk out of your margins, we want to partner to mutual benefit.

And we’re not like a search engine that ranks whoever plays the better algorithmic game, we just want to build a great food sharing community.

So to show that we’re partners not leeches, here are our promises to the many, many great Restaurants of the world:

  • We understand your margins are already tight and you have businesses hitting you hard to take a chunk. In fact, the best model for you is free. So we will always have a strong free option for you to work with us to showcase and grow your business.
  • As COVID has shown us, restaurants, bars and cafes are an important part of the way our neighbourhoods and cities connect and stay vibrant. So our focus will always be on getting people to come to visit you to celebrate your best.
  • We know that running a restaurant is hard enough without having to become a digital marketer as well, so we’ll always make it easy for you to work with us.
  • We understand how you only win if you understand and celebrate your customers, so the customer will always be front and centre for us as we build out great ways to discover and celebrate your work. We’re here to build a community, not a balance sheet.

We’ve worked in businesses that understand customer-centricity, and we look forward to building that relationship with you.



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