The unique noodle dish you must try in Sydney’s Best Eats and Drinks by @awks.eats

I’m not all about comfort food but there is a great amount of comfort in celebrating food.

The constant discovery of new tastes and experiences is enormously enhanced by the people you cross paths with who share your love of beautiful food.

So before I give you my must-try Best list of food and drinks in Sydney, take as a bonus my suggestion of some other accounts to follow.

I started my @awks.eats account over two years ago now and was quickly welcomed into a new community online when @sweetandyummie with her wonderful foodie group showed me how they worked as food photographers and invited me to various collaborations at restaurants. 

l then branched off to do my own thing as a food blogger where l have come to meet more awesome Sydney-based foodies during my adventures. 

Make sure you check out people like @kerabeareats, who l look up to as the Flat Lay Queen. Her photography is just amazing and inspires me, and is the reason you’ll see me trying so many new things in terms of angles and lighting in my shots. 

In addition @hungry_diner who is just a really supportive foodie and creates such wonderful events that bring other foodies together to support venues and establishments through food photography. Make sure you check his podcast out for real insight into people around the industry.

One of the great things @hungry_diner does is to really focus down and get deep into areas of our love of food with very interesting people, and that deep dive is something I think is really rewarding on the food trail as well.

Another foodie l look up to is @blondeasian_ . I love how she supports small businesses through her work and always comes up with interesting ways to style her shots. Her love for food is real as she is willing to be adventurous to eat at different venues.

The Best Place For team asked me about that love for food, and to talk about food that I really get into, plus the best food I’ve come across.

So here’s a list two years in the making that you need to try in this wonderful food city (And make sure you absolutely eat the last item I’ll talk about!)

  • Hong Kong-styled Crispy Garlic Lamb Rack sliced into individual Lamb Chops at @thepandayumcha – This packed a flavour punch to the palette as l believe the Lamb Chops had been coated in Wasabi after the cooking process 
  • Loh Bak at Ho Jiak – this particular dish comes in eight pieces and was one of my favourites. Food so good the dipping sauce is just not needed.
  • The Kaarage Chicken at @nakanodarling is just so tender and flavourful, and make sure you grab some Gyozas too.

  • The KOI Boba at Monkey’s Corner was such a delight to eat. Every element that makes up this dessert worked well. 
  • While you’re at Monkey’s Corner grab the Crack Bowl – Foei Gras and Wagyu Rump Cap lavishly served with an umami-focused Onion Sauce that you mix in the Rice bowl. Outstanding.
  • Mikirin Sydney located in World Square has an eclectic menu that wowed me with flavours, none more so than the Shoyu Glazed Chicken Tenders. You will need to order more than one
  • The crunch king of Sydney is Mikirin with their Double Crunchy Pork Chop.

  • Enjoy a Milo Martini at Ho Jiak for something different with cognac pairing with Gula Melaka (a type of Palm Sugar), Espresso, Milo Dust and Salted Teh Tarik foam.
  • And finally, you absolutely must try the Chicken Kaarage Mazesoba at IIKO Mazesoba based in Darling Square

That last dish is one of my obsessions but sadly it’s too hard to make a whole list about Mazesoba.

The concept of Mazesoba is a type of Japanese noodle dish that does not have a broth but comes with a house made tare sauce and various toppings which you mix to your own specifications.

But IIKO Mazesoba is the only place that currently does Mazesoba in Sydney. 

Michelle, one of the co-owners, makes the Soba noodles from scratch using a recipe she learned from her Ramen Sensei in Japan. 

Chicken Kaarage Mazesoba-IIKO Mazesoba-Andrew Nguyen

I absolutely loved that Chicken Kaarage Mazesoba which contains their house-made Soy Based Tare Sauce, House-made Soba Noodles, Crispy Kaarage Chicken Pieces, Kewpie Mayonnaise, Onsen Egg, Green Onions, Shredded Nori, Bamboo Shoots and Roasted Sesame Seeds. 

It’s an absolute 5 out of 5 because when you mix the toothsome Soba Noodles, it gets coated by the Onsen Egg and House-made Soy Based Tare Sauce along with the addition of their Kombu Vinegar and Chilli Oil that you can add based on your preference. 

The end result is that every part of the noodle dish gets coated substantially and it’s just pure flavor when you slurp up the noodles with the rest of the ingredients. This dish was my first experience into what Mazesoba was.

Make sure you try it out yourself, then post below and let me know what you think before you work your way through my longer list of Sydney’s Best Eats and Drinks here on Best Place For.

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