Top ten Pizzas in Sydney by @sydneypizzalife

Pizza is so simple, yet so complex at the same time.

You need to know that I’m hugely biased when it comes to the top food in town, as Pizza is the start, middle and end for me. It’s simply the best.

And it’s not elite in any way, though you can go for top-end pizza and have a vastly different experience.

While I wouldn’t compare the two, I can enjoy a Wood-fired Pizza one night and, say, Pizza Hut the next and enjoy the Hut for what it is, which is a totally different experience compared to more upmarket Pizzas.

But in the end, they all come down to the same kind of things that you need to judge them on.

It starts with the dough.

Do not get distracted by the toppings without really working out what they are sitting on. Too salty or too soggy and you can strike that place off the list.

But a tasty dough combined with some San Marzano tomatoes and a cracking Buffalo Mozzarella, and you’re on your way.

Not every place gets this right, so the team asked me for my top ten in Sydney as I continue my obsession on the beautiful round pinnacle of food that is Pizza.

The following ten in my Sydney’s Best Pizza list have largely been rated on their Margherita Pizza offering, because you know when they get that right, you can happily charge into some of their other toppings with confidence.

Here’s my top ten in order:

1. Verace Pizzeria in Macquarie Park . This place has quick service, great people and food that taste outstanding. The Margherita Pizza is close to perfection and has won plenty of awards. Make sure you try their chilli oil too. - Napoletana Pizza - Verace Pizzeria - sydneypizzalife
Napoletana Pizza from Verace Pizzeria

2. Matteo Downtown in Sydney City. The 
San Marzano tomatoes, fior di latte and sauce of the Margherita Pizza are all fresh. What a beauty. - Margherita Pizza - Matteo - sydneypizzalife
Margherita Pizza from Matteo Downtown

Mezza Via Deniston East. I was on a diet when I tried their Margherita Pizza but it’s just too good to resist. - Margherita - Mezza Via - sydneypizzalife
Margherita from Mezza Via

Da Mario in Rosebery. It has been too long. One of the best in the business. Their service staff were also impeccable! The Margherita Pizza is what I call “ugly deliciousness”. To us, it’s beautiful though. - Margherita Pizza - Da Mario - sydneypizzalife
Margherita Pizza from Da Mario

Dimitri’s Pizzeria in Darlinghurst. Their Smoko has the freshest tomatoes, smoked scamorza and basil. - Smoko - Dimitri’s Pizzeria - sydneypizzalife
Smoko from Dimitri’s Pizzeria

Bella Brutta in Newtown. Their Margherita Pizza is what I need in my life. - Margherita Pizza - Bella Brutta - sydneypizzalife
Margherita Pizza from Bella Brutta

Pizza Madre in Marrickville. It’s a dream come true with this one. Tomato, ricotta and fermented chilli. - Fior Di Latte Pizza - Pizza Madre - sydneypizzalife
Fior Di Latte Pizza from Pizza Madre

Salt Meats Cheese in Alexandria. After tasting their Margherita Pizza, I always drool over it. - Margherita Pizza - Salt Meats Cheese - sydneypizzalife
Margherita Pizza from Salt Meats Cheese

Rosso Pomodoro in Balmain. They’ve got the spiciest chilli oil of everyone. Makes you sweat. Hot! I always love this pizzeria. The Margherita Classica is always half eaten before we take a photo at this place. It’s hard to resist tbh. - Margherita Classica - Rosso Pomodoro - sydneypizzalife
Margherita Classica from Rosso Pomodoro

Rosso Antico in Newtown. Their Margherita Pizza is a marvelous creation! - Margherita Pizza - Rosso Antico - sydneypizzalife
Margherita Pizza from Rosso Antico

That was really hard to do, so here are other honourable mentions for places I enjoy:

Vacanza Pizzeria in Surry Hills. One of my all-time go-to places, not the best Pizza Margherita in town but they have excellent pizza though. - Pizza Margherita - Vacanza Pizzeria - sydneypizzalife
Pizza Margherita from Vacanza Pizzeria

Society Pizza Bar in Bondi. Have you ever had a life-changing dough experience? It was like eating soft pillows. One of the best Margherita Pizzas I’ve tasted. - Margherita Pizza - Society Pizza Bar - sydneypizzalife
Margherita Pizza from Society Pizza Bar

Gigino in Fairfield – Legitimate breakfast Pizza. Now you can go all day on  Pizza alone. Cheese, zucchini, flour and an egg in the middle that breaks open and becomes a breakfast sauce across the lot. Grab a Cappuccino and the day has started well. - Margherita Pizza - Gigino - sydneypizzalife
Pizza from Gigino

And because I’m on a roll, here’s my favourite food hack for Pizza.

Head out to No. 3 on my list, Mezza Via Deniston East, and order a Margherita and a Pesto Gnocchi. The latter is out of this world. Handmade, and super soft, but the trick is to use that Pesto sauce to dip you Pizza crust in. Heaven! - Pesto Gnocchi - Mezza Via - sydneypizzalife
Pesto Gnocchi from Mezza Via

Make sure you go out there and support some of these places, check out the full list here. I know that when that the COVID travel ban lifts, I’ll be looking to continue my pizza journey overseas with D
eep Dish in Chicago, a slice in New York, and then Naples for the home of Pizza chowing it down with a knife and a fork.

The best!

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