Using Lists – some ideas

Lists are simple to make and are set to change the way you keep track of great food.

Click here for a full guide on how to create a list

So please try them out, share them with your friends, and see what you can come up with that works for you.

Here’s a few types of lists to consider:

The City hit list


Heading to Tokyo? Create a Tokyo hit list before you go, or search our site to see if one already exists.

Have a friend coming to town? Send them a three day must eat list for your home city. 

And when you name the list, lead with the City your focusing on to make sure it can be found.

Examples: Eating in NairobiCocktails in Tokyo 

Your Best of (no arguments)


Taste is an individual thing, which is why here on you can win that argument.

What are the ten best burgers in town? Your list of New York’s ten best, all individually rated, will be the definitive word.

Heck, you can even create a username of BurgerRater if you want and make it your thing.

A combo of the place and category


Lists of the best sushi, bread, coffee or pizza in your neighbourhood, city, state, country – you can build them all.

Remember to label them clearly with the location and category.

Examples: Sydney’s best chicken burgers, Sydney’s best steaks

Your ‘hood 


This one is important we think.

We all have those businesses in our neighbourhood that are our regular haunts, where we know exactly what we’re going to get and are happy to get it.

Now’s the time to list the local food that makes your neighbourhood thrive, and help others find those businesses that need our support.

Examples: Lower North Shore Sydney

Best produce


It’s not all about restaurants remember. 

Those cakes, that bread, that coffee – find other people’s favourites and add your own. 

Future hit list


Don’t forget you can add food you intend to eat as well. 

If you see a great review, or hear about a dish or something tasty from a friend, put it into the site and add it to your list.

We want to know about it too!

Seasonal goodies


Lists can be aimed at whatever you like, so what about some Christmas or Easter specials? Summer’s best milkshake? Winter’s best warming soup?

Make a list about absolutely anything that makes sense to you!


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  1. Ziggy Stardust says:

    Sounds great – how do I create my own list?

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