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If you’ve landed at our site, but you’re not quite sure what we’re about yet, this is the page for you.

BestPlaceFor.com is a brand new food-inspired community focused on supporting the great restaurants and food providers out there during tough times.

We’ve built the site to focus only on the best, and to let you rate, share and save your food; connect with other foodies around the globe; support restaurants  and keep track of what you like and want to try.

Here’s a short video that explains how the site works:

BestPlaceFor.com lets you:

Search – Smart search so you find the best dishes first, and not long lists of restaurants

Rate – We don’t accept ratings lower than 3 stars, as we only list the best 

Save – Those hidden gems or foodie recommendations so you can find them again

Share – Your experiences with a food loving community around the globe

Connect – To other foodies just like you

Learn – About the newest trends and the best food hidden around you

Try – New tastes, new dishes and new cuisines  

Add – Items that you need to remember, or that deserve recognition

List – Create a list to keep track of what you enjoyed or still need to try

Support – Those who create the food you love

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