What I 8: Barcelona Tapas and more featuring @bcn.foodies


Who loves dining with family and friends? We do! Mireia and Samuel of @bcn.foodies take us across Barcelona for the Best Tapas and more food to share with our loved ones.

Mireia and Samuel, what’s the key to growing a great food account, and give us a tip for taking a good shot of your favourite food.

The most important thing is to win the trust of the followers by only featuring restaurants that you would recommend to a friend or family member. That’s always been our goal. Obviously it is also important to be constant and consistent, and offer visual and quality content.

Photography continues to be something for us to work on, although we’ve been improving over the years…

The key is to have a good camera and light, and we’re more about going out to dinner than eating so the photos sometimes resist us.

Pick one of your favourite food categories, and tell us what you look for when searching the Best there is in that category.

We love Tapas restaurants. You can check it in our Instagram feed.

Barcelona and its surroundings are full of Tapas restaurants, but they are not all the same. We attach great importance to having a quality product, and it’s always excellent if we find Tapas that are different and original.

Where can we get the Best Tapas in Barcelona?

La Gastronómica: They have two restaurants in Barcelona. In addition to some great dishes to share, the staff are charming. We recommend the Lomo Bajo a la Parrilla and the Huevo con Trufa.

La Mundana: A fashionable vermouth bar in Barcelona with elaborate and quality Tapas. Located in the Sants neighborhood. We recommend their Bravas and the Egg Surprise.

La Barra del 7 Portes: One of the originals of the mythical “7 Portes”. A place with a casual air and with a different environment from the well-known restaurants. They have delicious Tapas and rice dishes.

If you go, you cannot miss the Truffled Cannelloni, Russian Salad and Rice with Artichoke, Rabbit and Kalamata Olives.

Can Pepe: A traditional Tapas restaurant situated in Viladecans. Excellent quality produce delivers memorable dishes. We recommend the Saquitos de Foie, Carpaccio de Bacalao, and Rabo de Toro.

Taverna Hoffmann: a great place for special occasions. This is the Tapas restaurant of the well-known Hofmann gastronomy school so you can expect very elaborate Tapas, and make sure you book well in advance. We recommend the Bacalao con Espuma de Manzana (Cod with Apple Foam) and Arroz a La Llauna de Pulpo (Octopus Rice “a la llauna”). Leave room for their spectacular desserts too.

What is something you’ve eaten that just blew you away because you did not expect it to be that good?

Something as basic as the Escalope from the Fismuler restaurant. It seemed to us that people were exaggerating until we tried it …

How has the Pandemic affected the Food Industry in Barcelona? How can people do more to support the Food Industry?

The Pandemic has deeply affected restaurants in Barcelona. They have been under continuous restrictions since March. It is important that people support them by ordering delivery or buying take away, visit the restaurants if you can or if not, why not buy a voucher to give someone else an amazing gastronomic experience for their birthday or anniversary?

Which other foodies do you love to follow and why? Give us at least three to check out.

We like many foodies that we follow but specially:

  • @gastro_barna: recommends great restaurants with spectacular photos.
  • @foodtrendsbcn: not only recommends restaurants, but also plans to work you way around the city
  • @noemi_the_foodie: quality content and good photography of restaurants and recipes.

Quick Bites BCN

Best Dessert/ sweets?

Cheesecake of Fismuler

Best Pastry?


Best Breakfast?

Pastisseria Dolç i Taíno

Best Burger?

Raclette Burger – Hamburguesería La Real

What’s on your hit list? Can you give us five dishes you have to eat in the future that we can expect a post on? Even if you have to wait for travel bans to lift!

We are looking forward to going to Celler de Can Roca since we had a reservation for November 21 but due to the restrictions, we could not go. We also have several restaurants pending such as “Tunateca,” “Sintonia,” and “Goxo”. There are plenty of places we need to support!

Check out the full list of all the scrumptious food in Barcelona mentioned above by @bcn.foodies.

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